Jan 17

PISARNA – Maribor

Okt 31

SO(U)ND, Tobačna – Ljubljana

Sep 13

Urban Garden – Maribor

Avg 14

TrNOVfest – Ljubljana

About us

“Electronic music with a taste of acoustics.”

An outstanding Slovene trio invites you for a dance with their unique authorial music. »Music should entertain, relax and trigger people’s minds,« says Domen Gracej about the project that grew and matured two years. Domen is a trumpet player and producer who has numerous experiences on European and also American stages. Danijel Lauko is no stranger to international stages and well-established musicians; he enthralls audiences with his peculiar saxophone-playing techniques. Jean Markič is a pianist, composer and producer who “wrecks” the classical instrumental combination. His music has been played at numerous important musical festivals.

This year, the trio published their first CD called DJungla. The title track was also supplemented with a music video. Since then, their experimental project has been presented and performed live on many stages.





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